Colton haynes and zachary quinto dating

Let’s all just enjoy life and have no regrets.' Many fans are now hotly debating whether Haynes just subtly came out, in as low-key a manner as possible.If he has, he's not alone; here are some other stars who came out to the world in subtle ways.Check this complete list to know about Colton Haynes current girlfriend or boyfriend as well as about all the girls and guys in his dating life.

And to not have to witness the decimation of an entire generation of amazingly talented and otherwise vital men.

And at the same time, as a gay man, it made me feel like I - there's still so much work to be done.' Quinto has since stated that he came out after a rash of teenagers committed suicide, including fellow 'It Gets Better' video maker Jamey Rodemeyer.

It was his hope that living publicly as a gay man would help inspire those who were struggling and encourage them to keep going.

A lot of people are more interested in wondering if Beyoncé Knowles is pregnant or who Taylor Swift is dating instead of recognizing them for their hard work and talent.

, but right now he's gaining a lot of attention for his social media activity.

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